About the book

This book teaches web designers how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build native iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad applications.  By leveraging their existing skills, web designers can do the same specialized and content-specific work for Apple’s mobile platforms as they do for the web.

And by combining their design skills with the NimbleKit code framework, designers can focus exclusively on interface and content design without needing to write Objective-C. This results in better products for clients and their customers, and also saves the designer both time (by avoiding the need to learn - or subcontract for - unnecessary programming skills) and money (by avoiding the use of more expensive - but less customizable - software-based approaches to designing native apps).

The Web Designer’s Guide to iOS Apps covers app design from beginning to end including software set-up and user interface design guidelines, how to design various types of app content, and how to submit completed projects to the App Store. 

Learn how to use NimbleKit, the only Objective-C library that is featured as an Apple Development Tool. Don’t just emulate the iOS look and feel with other options: use NimbleKit, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create fully native Objective-C apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.